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Mission to Businesses

BookMarkers: Editing and Submission Services began by helping authors prepare their manuscripts for submission to agents and publishers. But over the years, we've found a similar demand among business owners for high-quality, professional editing at reasonable prices. Technology has made it possible for businesses of all sizes to produce their own reports and documents for their customers or clients. But technology still doesn't provide high-quality editing and proofreading.

Relying upon Spell-check and Auto-correct will only clean up some routine errors. Trained editors can help you structure, refine and clarify your message. At BookMakers we're ready to assist you with all your written materials. Regardless of the length, complexity or brevity, we're here for you.

Business Services


We provide copy editing and proofreading for any or all publications from your organization - newsletters, year-end reports, menus, church bulletins, event programs, posters, etc.



Need help with your blog piece, newsletter, or mission statement? Content editing might be all you need to get your message across more effectively. 


BookMakers is happy to teach you how to use free website software, help you design your website or create a site for you.

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