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Joseph Kenyon

All The Living And The Dead takes place at the North American University of Fine Arts that straddles two countries, the United States and Canada. Autumn Gilhain hopes that being a founding member of a student artistic society will give her music and her life direction, since both are floundering. At the same time, Quinn Gravesend, the greatest composer of the 20th century, suspects his career and creativity are drawing to a close.


Over the course of nine months, Autumn and her fellow artists collide with Gravesend. The characters struggle with their hopes and fears and eventually discover that only others can release them from the traps they've set for themselves.



Published: April 25, 2016          Author's website


Vijay Lakshmi 

Vijay Lakshmi08202019_0002.jpg

"At a time when so many of us lose sight of the humanity we share in common, Vijay Lakshmi's My Dogly Days reminds us that under the surface, our struggles, our dreams and our aspirations are all the same. We long for companionship, we long for love, and most of all, we long to make our stories known. With lyricism, insight, and wisdom, the brilliance of this book is the way it makes clear that we are all part of the same human family."

                     Quinn Eli, playwright, My Name is Bess. 

Illustrated by Zewen Liu

Published: March 2019
My Dogly days_edited.jpg
Angela D. Robinson Bell

The Jewel That Shines Within is a collection of new and previously published poems meant to support those who live their faith in Jesus Christ and to inspire those who may be looking to open or re-open a spiritual window.


These poems touch on the themes of divine comfort and strength, meditation, fellowship, family, and the faith journey. They speak in tones of joyful praise, quiet reflection, and blunt advice, and together they serve as both a resting place and a rousing call for all who wish to follow God in the modern world.


Publication date: July 2, 2016       Author website


17th Street
17th Street Writers

Above Water is a collection of 11 short stories by the Philadelphia-based 17th Street Writers. As The 17th Street Writers took shape and form, this group effort began to feel like more than a writing collective. It began to feel like a reflection of our city, Philadelphia, both old and new with an abundance of shopworn beauty. Gathered in this collection is a sense of home, of being rooted in a specific place and time and people. We now, gladly, invite you in - despite the shoes scattered across the floor and the dirty dishes in the sink. For we know this: home is always more than a little chaotic and always welcoming. 

Authors: Nate House, Shawne Johnson, Joseph Kenyon, Jeffrey S. Markovitz, Julie Odell, Jonathan Pappas

Published: January 2017

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