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The purpose of a website is to provide potential and returning customers with a source of information about your business and services. The content of the website should be set or static for a few months at a time. The bulk of your website content should not need to be changed on a weekly basis. It is a good place to advertise available merchandise, services and rates, hours of operation, and seasonal sales, as well as display samples of your work through pictures and provide background information about the company, the staff, and its mission. 

Information that is continually updated such as weekly sales can be disseminated via Facebook and e-mail shout-outs or blasts.

Basic website creation involves design, content writing, and maintenance. BookMakers provides services in all three areas. We also provide a list of the content most websites will need. Clients who provide content will save on writing and research fees. Please see the page that discusses possible site content before you decide which level of service is right for you.

Instruction to create your own website:       $30 per hour      

* 2 hours of instruction will get you started using free software. Follow-up hours can be scheduled as needed.

Basic website creation starts at $500. The cost of creation depends upon the size of the business, the level of complexity required, and whether or not the business supplies all the content. Contact us for an estimate.      

BBA of NJ member discount 30%

Review this site and two of our projects: 

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