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Non-Fiction and Academic Writing

Choosing your service: What service do you need?

  • a copy editing/proofreading

  • the full editing package:

    • all levels of edits, final proofreading, reference pages

*  For polished works of authors who choose the full editing package, we are sometimes able to combine two editing stages into one step in which case you will only be charged for one step rather than two.


Procedure:  To get started, send us a message. Tell us what your project is and what editing services you are interested in receiving. If your project is a manuscript, we'll want to see the first chapter or first 20 pages as well as the approximate word count of the work. We will send you an estimate or contact you for more information.

Make a commitment:  After you have reviewed our estimate, let us know if you are hiring us. We will look at our project calendar and provide you with a possible start date. Then, send a deposit of 10% to get your job scheduled on our project calendar. Through PayPal, we accept major credit and debit cards.

Payments: Payments are required after each stage of the editing process is completed. 


Rates are based upon word count.

250 words is industry standard per page.  


Here's the rate schedule:

First edit: Substantive/Structural editing

12,500 - 100,000 words - $0.01 per word

100,001 - 200,000 words - $0.015 per word

Second edit: Stylistic editing

12,500 - 100,000 words - $0.005 per word

100,000 - 200,000 words - $0.0075 per word


Third edit: Copy editing/Proofreading

12,500 - 100,000 words - $0.0125 per word

100,001 - 200,000 words - $0.0175 per word

Reference Pages

$0.25 per entry

Rates are based upon the actual number of words (excluding reference pages) and/or number of reference entries that appear in the submitted draft of a manuscript at the time of editing. Additional chapters, essays, appendices, or references added later will be charged when added.

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