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All The Living And The Dead  April 2016

When six college music students form an art society, they draw in a legendary composer who hasn't written a note since the death of his wife 25 years earlier. The volatile mixture of personalities results in love and loss, hope and despair, life and death.

From Darkness, Light    

Maria Catalano is a beautiful teenage girl living a traditional life on the Amalfi Coast until the German occupation. When she is maimed and the Allied Forces invade, she becomes a hunted refugee with only a crazy landscape artist to trust. Adapting to her new situation, Maria embarks on the unexpected life. But where will it lead?

Short Stories

Onyx and Red

Astrid Kent has enough to absorb when she learns her husband, a member of Doctors Without Borders, has been killed. Then she learns his body is missing.

...Has Such Small Hands

An aging playwright faces his own mortality by looking back at one fateful New Year's Eve.

The Birth of Apollo

A former midwife who goes to a ruined town to help an expectant mother through a difficult birth discovers a hidden piece of her own past coming to light. 

The Evidence of Things Unseen

Michael Cotley left the U.S. after a diastrous love affair. Forty years later, he's returning to the woman and her ghosts.

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