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20 Answers

to questions people wish they had asked about me after walking away

1. Mostly fiction and some poetry. On the non-fiction side, mythology, history and culture.


2. Philly, Pittsburgh and Toronto


3. I go back and forth between hockey and baseball.


4. An in-depth conversation about ideas.


5. Music for the everyday. Paintings for catapulting the emotions.


6. England or Scandinavia


7. Very bad at that. Some French, but to read only. I tried Icelandic once and flopped. I have higher hopes for Danish.


8. "I meant what I said, and I said what I meant / An elephant's faithful, one-hundred percent."


9. Wild birds. They're just a delight to watch.


10. An astronomer.

11. Walking usually does the trick. If woods and mountains are in play for hiking, all the better.  


12. The mystery that surrounds all life is so vast and yet so simple it inspires both awe and joy.


13. My nose.


14. Until it stops being fun, so I would say never.


15. That's easy, FAR outstripped it!


16. Cheese, chocolate, peanut butter, hummus. A good slice of seedy bread with butter.


17. The dash. I have to watch myself.


18. A James Bailey


19. Eight guys, three bears, and my colleagues.


20. When I found the right editor. That's when I really started to improve. 

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